Last week, Google introduced the new Literata typeface for Play Books. Companies like Google make sure that even the fonts used in their products and services are consistent as part of branding and marketing. The tech giant has been using Roboto family of fonts for many years but it’s only now that Google is making it open source. The signature font was created by designer Christian Robertson and looks like it will soon have more versions now that it’s an open source project.

Roboto is currently used as the default font in Chrome OS and Android. It’s recommended for Material Design, the new visual language of Google. Roboto decisions for Ice Cream Sandwish (Android 4.0) where even discussed back in 2011 and it’s been a common fixture since then. Making the Roboto font open source also means Google has revamped the font production toolchain as well.

The Roboto font family has just been improved. Character coverage has expanded to include all Cyrillic, Greek, and Latin characters in Unicode 7.0. There’s also the Georgian lari currency symbol in Unicode 8.0. Some changes include the number of glyphs in the fonts tripling in number. You can expect to see these fonts widely used in Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Several teams at Google worked on these enhancements including those in the Android, Material, Google Fonts, and Internationalization Engineering divisions. Feel free to check out the Roboto open source project page and see for yourself.

SOURCE: Google Open Source Blog