It’s Safer Internet Day and you know what that means. No, it doesn’t mean that we all magically escape from all the online fraud that we encounter. It just means that a lot of companies are now explaining what they are doing to make all your data safe and assure their users to continue availing of their services, whether paid or free. Google is one of those companies and they took time to explain the “geeky detective work” that goes on behind the scenes to protect all your online activity.

Phishing is one of the biggest problems that unsuspecting email users are encountering lately. It’s when you think you are receiving an email from a seemingly official account, but in reality, they are just trying to get your personal information to commit online fraud. Gmail says that they have built a lot of “smart armor” so that their users are protected, like examining thousands of signals and then filtering out all the spammy phishing emails. In fact, they claim that less than 0.1 percent spam are able to get into your Gmail account. And because a lot of these “bad guys” find ways to work around the armor, they have updated their system to detect subtle signals and then verify with the user through notifications and safeguards.

When it comes to the web on your Android device, Google also employs strong security tools in order to protect you from sites that may be harmful to your smartphone or tablet. They use tools like Safe Browsing where a red warning appears when you click a suspicious link from any of your apps. There is also the “app analyzer” that employs the same technology because not all apps on the Google Play Store have the best of intentions.

Google says they take their “responsibility to keep you safe” very seriously and so this Safer Internet Day is to let you know that. And to celebrate this special day, do yourself a favor and do a two-minute Security Checkup and learn more about how Google keeps you safe through

SOURCE: Google