While other Google products like Gmail, Maps, Hangouts, have been constantly updated with new features or even just bug fixes, some like Google Contacts have been sorely neglected. It’s funny because it’s one of the most basic things that we use, whether you’re on an Android device or you’re highly reliant on the whole Google eco-system. Well, they’ve finally heard our gripes as Google has released a preview of what the Contacts update will now look like.

First of all, it has a brand new look and feel, of course in keeping with the Material Design the tech giant has been espousing. With its card-like design, click on a contact and it also now shows you the most recent correspondence you’ve had with your colleague or friend, whether it’s an email or a Hangouts chat. So if you’ve kinda forgotten when was the last time you had any form of contact with a friend, Google will be there to remind you. They will also be updated with any changes they make on their public profile, so no need to manually change your friend’s email address when they’ve added a new one for the nth time.

Contacts preivew 4.5

Your Contacts can be kind of messy since it automatically adds anyone you’ve ever emailed (and if you’ve been spamming a lot of random contacts, that can be a problem) with your actual friends and colleagues. And if you’ve merged it with other sources, it becomes a hodgepodge of duplicates. Finally, Contacts has rebuilt their “Find duplicates” from the ground up so you don’t have to go through each of your gazillion contacts one by one.

Contacts preview 2.5

The new Contacts is only available for Gmail users, hopefully just for now. Google Apps users will still see the same ole boring Contacts page, but they did assure us they are still working on it. To see the preview, just head on over to http://contacts.google.com/preview.

SOURCE: Google