When Google promised that they are committed to “to helping more people around the globe use technology to communicate, find and create information,” they seem to be doing it one country at a time. Sudan was one of the few countries where the Google Play Store was not yet available, but now you can cross them off the list. Google announced that free games and apps can now be accessed by residents in the North African country.

In a post on their Google+ page, the tech giant announced that Google Play Store will finally be available in Sudan for the first time. You can also see the country now in their list of territories that can download games and apps. However, just like other countries like China, Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, not all apps can be downloaded, specifically the paid ones.

Still, these countries are better off than others like Georgia, Syria, Congo, DRC, Malawi, Mongolia, and Afghanistan where Google Play isn’t available at all. Google doesn’t really explain why they aren’t in some countries, but economic sanctions may be one of the reasons for some of these nations. But as we’ve seen in the past months, Google will keep adding more to the list, and they will also be allowing paid apps for those that only have free ones.

To keep track of the countries where Google Play Store is available, you can check out the source below. And if you live in Sudan, then happy app downloading (and cross your fingers for the paid apps soon!)

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