The folks at Google are currently rolling out an update to the Play Store. The update started appearing last night for some, but doesn’t appear to have too many changes at first glance. After taking a deeper look at the new Play Store version 3.10.9 we noticed multiple improvements, a new UI for the app install screen, and much more. Get it from the link below.

The new Google Play Store is for the most part the same, but they’ve improved recommendations and added a few other key things that were missing. For starters, there’s a brand new and much cleaner looking post-install screen as you see below. Once you hit install you’re greeted with a neat layout that lets you keep continue in the store by simply tapping the new keep shopping button.

The update brings the Play Store up to date to match the version shipping with the new Nexus 4 and 10 too. Some other new features includes an improved recommended for me section that lets you search for users. This will then give us a more personalized recommendation list based on friends and such. It nicely syncs with Google+ to find similar apps that friends have installed.

Wishlists have also been improved. Google added the same remove from list icon to wishlists as they did a last month to the “all apps” tab to make things easy and simple. Now you can easily remove apps and items in your wishlist, and long press for multi-select. The guys from AndroidPolice also noticed a new translate button, and the Play Store now asks to access two new permissions for location reasons. The new version should be arriving on your device soon, or hit the link below to download and install it yourself.

Download Link

[via @WinDroidGuy]