Google Play Store is now two years old and Google is commemorating this auspicious day with a massive content sale. Come greet Android’s primary app marketplace by buying, or downloading, not just games but books and videos as well.

It might be strange to hear that Google Play Store is only on its second anniversary, but this “birthday” is really more about the rebranding that it underwent two years ago. And a birthday party that celebrates the switch from a plain “Android Market” to a catchy, but probably also ambiguous, “Google Play Store” wouldn’t be complete without a birthday sale.

Android device owners can now take their pick from a wide selection of titles on sale. Some items in the birthday list are offered for free on Google Play Store anyway, but some have had their prices slashed by as much as 50 percent. And it’s not the just the games. There are also tunes, like Jay-Z’s The Blueprint and as Prince’s Let’s Go, as well as films like The Hobbit and The Dark Knight Rises. There are also books, magazines, and TV series up for grabs for a time-limited discount.

Naturally, the catalog varies by market, with some titles being offered in some places but not in others. The content also depends on the availability of Google services in that region, particularly Google Books, Music, and Movies. There is no indication up to when the sale will be up so better make up your mind quick and grab the stuff you want while it lasts.

Download: Google Play Store