The Google Play Store is one of the most important components of an Android device. A phone, tablet, or Chromebook is deemed useless if it cannot run Android apps. Some of the latest Chromebooks are more special now because of the Play Store support that allows Android apps to be downloaded and installed. And good news, the Android app store will be updated soon to allow uninstalled apps, or at least parts, to be streamed.

This development gives the user the chance to test and have a look at the app first before downloading. One doesn’t need to fully install an app just to test because streaming is now possible. You don’t even have to make space for new apps to view.

We first learned of this idea back in January. It was actually demoed during the Google I/O Conference 2016.

Google has been updating the Play Store more regularly, hoping to improve the system. We can now see the improved My apps & games’ section, ‘Indie Corner’ with free and premium games, new search suggestions, refresh button for updates, and the new “Show Installed Apps” toggle switch.

The Google Play Store v7.8.15 brings the new Instant Apps feature. An APK is now available and a quick teardown tells us there is a string that allows users to use Instant Apps. There is still a possibility this being not part of the next update but we’re glad to know that it is possible.

VIA: XDA Developers