Google’s social network site just keeps getting better and better these days. Now I know when you read automatic facial recognition you feel like John Connor from Terminator might hunt you down and recognize your face but this new system is completely opt-in. This feature is being called “Find My Face” and will make photo tagging even easier in Google+ land.

What we essentially have is a semi automatic system that Google has in place similar to how Facebook does it these days and when you add photos the facial recognition software will find matches to a face you’ve already tagged, and give you an easy drop down to make things simple. There is one huge difference with this vs Facebook and that is Google has this disabled and you can opt-in, while Facebook does this on its own without asking.

Next time a friend uploads your picture the Find My Face will make it simple for him to tag you — if you have opted-in of course. Being disabled at the start many users probably wont be using this feature but it has launched today and will be prompting users to opt-in so we should be seeing this more and more over the coming weeks. If you’d like to get all set up you can opt-in on the settings page located here.

Between this and upcoming features in Android 4.0 ICS like facial recognition to unlock the screen it seems Google is keen on making this type of technology a part of our daily lives. We’ve seen news of various facial recognition software before and most of it gets pushed behind for privacy reasons but with this being totally opt-in users shouldn’t have much concern.

Head down to Google+ and give it a try and while you are there don’t forget to Circle +AndroidCommunity.

[via SlashGear]


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