We’re not only doing our countdown to Christmas but also the New Year. In less than two weeks, a new year is upon us. We’re being filled with new hope for a better year. Some people may say 2016 was a tough one but for us geeks, we can all agree that it’s good in some aspects with the numerous inventions and innovations we’ve seen. When it comes to Google Search, it’s been a good year because more people are searching. This means the world is still hungry for knowledge and that there is always more things to discover.

Search will always be an important part of our everyday lives. We’re pretty sure you “Google” over a dozen times each day. We won’t ask what you usually search for but we’ve got a the list of the trending topics in the United States. Google is celebrating the end of year by releasing several lists of whatevers.

The top five topics include Powerball, politicians and athletes, Pokemon GO, Quinoa and Budweiser, slime and mannequins. The very popular and record-breaking Pokemon GO is number one.

Here’s a rundown of the top searches for Year 2016 according to Google:

Searches: Pokemon Go, iPhone 7, Donald Trump, Prince, Powerball
Consumer Tech: iPhone 7, Freedom 251, iPhone SE,iPhone 6S, Google Pixel
Global News: US Election, Olympics, Brexit, Orlando Shooting, Zika Virus
People: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Michael Phelps, Melania Trump, Simone Biles
Global Sporting Events: Rio Olympics, World Series, Tour de France, Wimbledon, Australian Open
Losses: Prince, David Bowie, Christina Grimmie, Alan Rickman, Muhammad Ali
Movies: Deadpool, Suicide Squad, The Revenant, Captain America Civil War, Batman v Superman
Musicians: Céline Dion, Kesha, Michael Bublé, Creed, ‘ディーン フジオカ (Dean Fujioka)
TV Shows: Stranger Things, Westworld, Luke Cage, Game of Thrones, Black Mirror

The top searched keywords differ in each country but we’re more interested in the Consumer Tech category. Notice there are three iPhone terms and only two are Android. We find the ‘Freedom 251’ interesting because it’s the World’s Cheapest Smartphone from India. Google’s very own Pixel phone lands on Top Five which means people are curious about it.

SOURCE: Google