Google Offers has entered Google’s favorite development stage. Offers beta began today in Portland Oregon, featuring a deal for “$3 for $10 worth of drinks, pastries and treats” at the local chain Floyd’s Coffee shop. The ambitious program, which maybe not so subtly attempts to go toe-to-toe with Groupon, gives users special “offers” at a local store during a certain time period, and according to the new beta site, on a first come, first 2,000 served (for this deal at least).

As we reported at its announcement, Google Offers will support integration with Android phones. We are not sure yet if this will be through a Google Wallet app, or a separate Offers App, but the plan is that you will be able to use NFC on your phone to tap your device at a terminal at the store after saving it to your phone. For now though, Offers and Wallet are not being tested in the same city, so the full extent of the integration to come has yet to be seen.

A note of interest here is Google’s choice to start with a local store. Floyd’s Coffee, is a small family owned coffee shop, with only two stores. It would appear Google is trying to send a message that it will not only be including larger businesses, such as the initial partners it announced for Google Wallet, but plans on having “Offers” for local mom and pop stores as well. It appears Google has big plans for its latest NFC pet projects. Are you sold on the idea of carrying your life in your phone? (more than you already do that is…)

[via Google Offers]