The Google News & Weather app is not the sexiest of news aggregators out there, unlike Flipboard, Feedly, or Pocket. But if you wanted something bare bones and would just give you the top news stories of the day without the bells and whistles, then it worked as it’s supposed to work. The only thing is that it only showed the top 3 stories from different sections on the homepage. The update now brings more than 200 news stories to the home screen through the More Headlines stream.

Previously, if you wanted to see more stories for example on Technology or Entertainment, you would have to click on the More Stories tab at the end of the 3 stories shown. But now you will see a More Headlines stream where more than 200 news stories from the various sections have been added. These include Business, Tech, Entertainment, Sports and several other sections. They have already been ranked and classified so you can read them easily. As you continue to scroll, it will continue to add more stories so you will not run out of things to read.

One of the more annoying things when clicking on links and reading articles is the sometimes slow loading time. But Google News & Weather promises to have faster loading AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) articles. This is also because a lot of the publishers are now adapting this format. And just like before, when you expand an article, you will also get a card to see different related articles such as Highly Cited, Local Source, and Fact Check.

Over the next few days, you will see more articles added to the More Headlines stream. And if you don’t see the section yet, just wait for it and it will come to you soon.

SOURCE: Google