We’ve been saying that Internet is still not reliable in some countries. Developing and emerging markets only have their broadband, 2G, or 3G connection that can still be slow. While 5G trials are already being done in South Korea, Japan, United States, and some parts of Europe, countries like India and other parts of Africa and Asia are only relying on 2G, 3G, and maybe intermittent 4G.

To help solve the problem, Google is trying make things better by optimizing different web-related services. Apps are being updated while search results now show pages that have been AMP-lified. As for news articles, the Google News and Weather for Android app receives a new feature known as the Lite mode so more people can have fast access to read what’s going on in the world.

People in India will mainly benefit from this update but other markets will soon be able to receive the same feature. Normally in the full mode, Google News shows headlines, images, and related content are aggregated. In the new Lite mode, only the headlines are shown. The trimmed down look makes the screen and links easier to load, therefore, saving data.

The Lite mode is automatically triggered when Internet connection is slow. You are free to enable the feature manually if you want to have faster access to news articles. This new feature is only one of the many efforts by Google to ensure that everyone can be reached and at the same time, have access to information that really matters.

SOURCE: Google News Blog