Google is back with yet another awesome sale to their recently released Google Music Store. While it has been out now for a few months they are doing anything and everything they can to attract attention, and buyers. Today’s sale that just kicked off is quite impressive offering some of the biggest and most popular current songs all for a great price — besting iTunes for sure.

The idea is actually pretty genius. Google is offering all the Grammy-winning or nominated songs for extremely low prices. So all those popular songs that you’ve been hearing on the radio and saw win a few awards can now be yours on the cheap. If I didn’t already own the Mumford & Sons CD I’d be snagging that entire album for only $3.99 instantly. Great idea Google!

It might not be free but getting some of the biggest songs for $0.59 cents instead of $1.29, and full albums for only $3.99 is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Of course all of these get instantly uploaded into the Google Music cloud and can be accessed from anywhere using Google Music the second you purchase them. On your phone, tablet, PC, laptop and even Google TV all from anywhere. If you’d like physical downloaded copies of said songs remember they can always be downloaded to your device or PC with the new Google Music Manager.

Get some award winning music for cheap and rock out!

Google Music Sale Link