If you’ve naturally been keeping your shopping lists in your Google Keep app, there are some slight changes that will be happening by April 10. If you’ve been using Google Assistant to add to your shopping list, your list will be moved from Keep to your Google Home and Express apps. That’s because they’re building up the latter to have an ordering and delivery feature, so it makes sense to have your shopping list there for easier integration with the whole shopping system on your Google apps.

When you use the sentence “add wine to my list” or “add chips to my shopping list”, it was previously saving on your Google Keep as a separate shopping list which you can easily access when you’re at the grocery store. But now, the default shopping list will be on your Google Home or Express app, if you use Google Assistant to add to the list.

For the past months, Google Home through Express has been slowly letting people shop and order items just by using voice commands. They currently have over 50 retail partners and are looking to add more in order to rival that of Amazon’s. If this will make life simpler for the users, then we’re all for it. Time will tell as this is just starting to roll out.

But if you prefer to keep your shopping list in Keep, make a copy of your Google Keep shopping list to a new Keep list. Then delete the shopping list on Keep before April 10 as that’s when the change will roll out. Then Google Home will not be able to copy and integrate your shopping list to its system.

SOURCE: Google