Last month we told you about some users reporting that they were seeing a parking saving feature on their Google Maps but there was no really official announcement from Google. But now we have confirmation that it is indeed a new feature that those who always forget where they left their car will find very helpful. Users will now be able to mark on their app where they left their car and not spend minutes or even hours trying to figure out where they parked.

Using it is pretty simple. Open the Google Maps app and then tap on the blue dot and then choose the “Save your parking” option to add your parking location. It will then give you a label called Parking location and if you tap it, it will bring you to your parking card. You can add details to the card like additional details in the notes section, like what level it is and if it has a spot number.

You can also add the amount of time left before your parking meter or schedule expires. It will send you a notification 15 minutes before the set time so you can rush back (well, if it’s near) before it ends and avoid paying fines. You can also add a picture of your car and spot in case you need a more visual reminder. And you can also share the location to your friends or family members in case they need the info.

You can update your Google Maps app on your Android device to enjoy this new feature. Say goodbye to minutes/hours of frustration trying to remember where you parked.

SOURCE: Google