For the second time in as many weeks, Google has added features to the Android client for Google Maps. The update brings integration with the Google Offers deal program, as well as navigation for those sparse areas where Google has mapped out the interior of buildings. The latter is only available for the US and Japan at the moment. Lastly, they’ve modified the Street View function to provide 360-degree panoramic views of the inside of stores and other venues.

Offers tends to receive a fraction of the limelight of Google’s more robust services, but integration with Google Maps might get it some much-needed attention. After all, the reviews on Google Maps are some of the most read on the web, even if they don’t have the clout of dedicated services like Yelp. Naturally, the app uses you GPS sensor to determine the nearest offers in a variety of fields, and you can use some offers immediately or save them to your account.

Indoor navigation isn’t an entirely new feature, since maps of indoor locales have been available for some time. But adapting the walking navigation for various venues should make it easier to find the good Starbucks (not the other Starbucks, that one’s terrible) in your local mall. Indoor walking directions are currently in beta, and in order to use the indoor panorama feature you’ll also need to download the updated Street View for Google Maps app.