Google Home has the Google Assistant as one of its main features. The virtual assistant feels right at home at Google’s very own smart speaker. Verizon has just begun offering the product and we’ve recently seen a teardown where we learned that it’s easy to be repaired. We know it’s already available on Walmart and that the Google Assistant is getting a boost from The Onion and Pixar writers to make things more relevant. This time, the Google Home system is about to become more interesting as the search giant announced that developers can work on new apps and services to Google Assistant.

To start the project, Google partnered with several companies to work on the technology–there’s GupShup, API.AI, DashBot and VoiceLabs, Notify.IO, Spoken Layer, Witlingo, and Assist. Some groups are also expected to enable their apps on Google Home. Most of them will be launched in the next few days or weeks.

Conversation Actions for Google Home was launched last month as a developer platform. Only devs had early access to the program so they had ample time to prepare new apps that will help people engage users to bring assistance, services, and information. Just like any development kit or developer program, this one lets you create your own applications and services that will make the platform even better.

Check out Actions on Google website and see for yourself. Also included there are samples and voice user interface (VUI) resources you can try and get ideas from.

SOURCE: Google Developers Blog