Last April, Google introduced multi-user support to owners of the Google Home in the US, which basically allows up to 6 users to be added to it, with personalized responses from the Google Assistant. They promised that it will roll out to other countries soon. Well it looks like that day is here as users in the UK can also now have multiple accounts synced to their speakers. Other countries like Australia, France, Germany, and Japan may also receive the support soon as Google Home will be officially launched there soon.

If the multi-user support is already available in your country, you will have to activate it first, either by finding it in the Discover tab or go the settings menu directly and then go to the “Shared Devices” part to choose which Google Home (if you have more than one) you’d want to have the multi-user set-up. You and the other users will then have to undergo the “training” which just involves you saying “Ok Google” and “Hey Google” twice so as to imprint your voice.

The other users will also have to install the Google Home app on their smartphone (iOS or Android) and then they will get a set-up notification once they open the app. It also seems that the device where this will work should have support for Google Assistant. If you don’t, you will still be able to complete the training but Google Home doesn’t recognize them.

But if all goes well, up to 6 users will be able to get their personalized responses from Google Home. The official roll-out is only in the UK (aside from the US of course) but some users have already accessed the multi-user function in Australia at least.

VIA: AusDroid