Even before the tech giant launches a new version of Google Home, we know the smart speaker still has a number of updates to receive. Google isn’t stopping in improving the smart speaker and it will only continue to do so until it’s “smarter” and ready to overshadow other similar smart systems. At present, Google Home’s closest rival is the Amazon Echo with Alexa that is now integrated with a lot of services and products in gadget town.

Google Home has been updated in the past to include multi-user support, French language support, GE-LG-Whirlpool appliance integration, phone home, use a display, ambient sound options, multiple accounts, different voice recognition, and Conversation Actions among others.

This time, more skills and abilities are being added. The latest upgrade is you can now change the language and turn on voice dubbing when you need it. The recent change is more for entertainment as voice dubbing lets you changed the voice of those speaking with those using another language.

Check out and try the following dubbing commands:

• “Can you turn on dubbing?”
• “Dubbing on”
• “Turn on dubbing”

• “Change language to ”
• “Play it in”
• “Start dubbing in ”
• “Switch language to ”
• “Switch the voice over to ”
• “Translate film to ”
• “Turn on dubbing”

These commands can be spoken when you are you playing movies or TV shows. More related information available HERE.

VIA: Android Police