Google Glass is currently in a test phase with the US Air Force. Details coming by way of Venture Beat mention the tests are being handled by the “BATMAN” research team at Wright Patterson Air Force Base which is located in Ohio. The BATMAN team is part of the 711th Human Performance Wing and made up of both military and civilian behavioral and technology scientists.

Perhaps key here, the team is performing testing to see how well Glass could perform in battle situations. Some possible use scenarios could include forward air controllers working on the ground, search and rescue missions and combat controllers communicating with aircraft and ground troops. There was also mention of using Glass to help assist in supply operations.

According to the team, one of the highlights for Glass includes being able to “access information very quickly.” The team also highlighted the “low footprint” of Glass noting how it “sits totally above the eyes, and doesn’t block images of hinder vision.” The US Air Force is also said to be testing “proprietary software to enhance the Android OS platform that powers the technology.”

There hasn’t been any indication as to how long the testing period is expected to last, however there was talk of how wearables may be more beneficial as compared to laptops and smartphones as they are easier to carry wear and use. And lastly, the BATMAN team has two pairs of Google Glass, both of which were picked up through the regular Explorer Program.

SOURCE: Venture Beat


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