Lately there’s been more than a few reports floating around about Google Glass. From Motorola taking control of the manufacturing process, all the way to the exciting glasses hitting the streets in early 2014 for just $299. Well, today we’re getting a little response to those rumors, but at the same time we aren’t getting new details.

Last week a huge report surfaced that Google would be renting space from Best Buy in 2014, and they’d be showcasing Google Glass, and possible other Nexus devices all in store. Basically like the store in a store that Apple enjoys today. Before that were reports and analysts saying Glass would run $299 at launch.

This week one of Google’s own employees and Glass team members Chris Dale took to Twitter and basically debunked all these rumors. We don’t have any exact details but he simply states that no, Best Buy won’t have Google Stores. He follows that up with a quick oh by the way, it won’t be $299 at launch either. Maybe this means it will cost even less. We can all dream right?


The post on Twitter was short and sweet, and we have nothing further to go on. We’ve heard reports that Google might have their own stores like Apple and Samsung soon, which would make sense, but we still aren’t ruling out the Best Buy idea quite yet.

Google Glass is still on track for a 2014 release date, and hopefully one day soon we know an actual price to start aiming and saving for.

VIA: SlashGear