Motorola recently unveiled their first smartphone that was created under Google. That handset was the Moto X and while we have yet to see what the public reaction will be once the handset comes available, it is looking like Motorola may have the opportunity to help Google produce some other hardware. The details are coming by way of a recent report in The Wall Street Journal and are pointing towards Motorola helping produce Google Glass.

According to statements coming from Dennis Woodside, a chief executive with Motorola, the company is working on other hardware projects at Google. Further comments coming from Woodside bring that talk to the topic of Google Glass. Woodside mentioned how Mark Randall has already been helping Google work through manufacturing issues with Glass.

The key here, while Motorola seems involved in Glass at this point, the future still seems undecided. Woodside concluded by saying how “it could someday be an opportunity.” Basically, it seems Motorola is helping Google in a limited respect at this point and Motorola hopes that will shift as things move forward.

Despite the comments from Woodside, there hasn’t been any official announcement about a possible switch. Looking towards the speculation side and one possibility of this happening is when Google Glass goes from being a limited run available only to explorers to a readily available product that anyone can pick up.

Well, anyone that happens to have the necessary $1500 to put towards the current purchase price. Otherwise, time will tell when or if this switch actually happens, but assuming it does, we cannot help but wonder if any others will come forward with complaints about Google showing favoritism to Motorola.