Google Glass is still very much in the early stages, and obviously a developer platform with tons of features we may or may not see on the final product. Now that the wearable technology is getting in the hands of thousands of developers we’re learning a few more tricks. Things such as wink options to snap photos, and even an “always-on” listening mode that makes using Glass much easier.

The most interesting part of this entire thing is the always-on listening mode, which for some odd reason is disabled on current version of Glass. This could be for battery reasons, or because Glass isn’t ready to listen everywhere. Don’t get this confused with Glass simply always on and listening to each and every word, invading your privacy, but in a way that using Glass with voice commands is even easier.

According to a code breakdown by Android Police there’s all types of stuff in the Glass hidden labs feature. We’ve seen similar new features from labs in Google Maps, Gmail and more so it makes sense to see it here too. Even web browser capabilities and more.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 3.42.37 PM

Obviously you’ll need to be rooted and hack the device to get these features, which is risky for a $1,500 pair of shades. At the same time isn’t that what you bought them for, to developer and hack away? So give it a try. Instead of being able to say “OK Glass” only at the main home screen, you can enable an “OK Glass Everywhere” option that will allow the same “Ok Glass” command device-wide. According to AP’s findings this makes operation much more convenient and they feel it should be available to all. We wonder about battery life though ourselves.

Apparently there is an entire host of dormant features we could be seeing soon. Talk of image stabilization and all sorts of good stuff. Glass was recently updated to version XE5, and hopefully another software update is coming soon.

SOURCE: Android Police


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