Another day has passed and it looks like another app has arrived for Google Glass. This time around we are seeing an app called wpForGlass, which as the WP in the name suggests, is WordPress. The app hasn’t been released by WordPress though, and instead comes by way of Weber Shandwick, a PR agency.

To that point, the announcement coming from the Weber Shandwick blog acknowledges that it “may surprise you that a PR & communications firm would be developing Glassware.” They then go on to mention how they believe Google Glass is “one of the most significant computing advances we’ve seen in some time.” Enter the wpForGlass Glassware app from a PR agency.

Anyway, the wpForGlass app means Glass users now have another opportunity for quickly sharing content. This is essentially a plugin for your WordPress installation and while long-form posts are possible with the wpForGlass app, at the moment is seems more geared towards short form content. Along with text, Glass users are able to capture images and include those in posts.

The wpForGlass app is able to publish to self-hosted WordPress installations and it has also been open-sourced. Basically, this means Glass users are able to install it and use it as is, and also make improvements. The app, along with details for installation can be grabbed using the source link sitting below. And just for reference, aside from a self-hosted WP installation (using v3.6 or later), there was mention of needing a valid SSL certificate, access to cron on your server and PHP 5.3.

VIA: Mashable

SOURCE: wpForGlass