Have you ever received a document in your email, whether for work or for school, wherein you may have thought to yourself, “This is so long, it might as well be a book” or “This would probably be a more fun read if it was a book.” Well, you now get your wish, sort of. Google has announced that you can now convert your Google Docs to an EPUB file so you can read it in any ebook reader on your mobile device.

The EPUB is actually the most widely-supported among the file formats for documents and ebooks. You can read them on almost any ebook reader (except for the Amazon Kindle which uses their proprietary mobi format) including Kobo and Nook, most ebook apps like Aldiko, Google Play Books, and most Android mobile devices. Now, any Google Doc file that you have, whether it’s the minutes of a really long meeting, a report from one of your colleagues, a term paper from a classmate, can be converted into an EPUB file.

It may not seem like a big deal, but it makes reading long documents much easier as you can read it on app on any smartphone or tablet or laptop, and it is now formatted like a book, which makes for better reading (format wise at least). When your Google Doc is open, just go to the file menu and choose the download as option. You can then click on the EPUB option and it will then be automatically converted.


The update has been rolled out already so you should see this new feature on your Google Docs app in around 1-3 days. So you should ready to do a lot more reading, whether it’s academic, professional, or even personal.

SOURCE: Google