We love our little vinyl Android desk ornaments. You’ve probably noticed, since we cram them into just about every review and hands-on post on Android Community – what can we say, we’re fans too. Our Androids usually just hang out in a photo lightbox or hiding behind soda cans on our desks, but Google wants to know the coolest places that the little guys have been all over the world. Take a photo of your Android in a neat place, tag it with the location, and submit it to the official Google+ Android account, and your photo might be featured when the contest ends.

Let’s be honest, it’s going to be pretty tough for any of us earthbound mortals to match the Android figure that went into space. The little guy above accompanied a Nexus S into the upper atmosphere when a University of California team launched it to get a some readings on how it performed, along with Google Maps and Lattitude just for fun. Have another look at the video, because it really is that cool:

Presumably Google will only be taking new submissions. There’s no mention of a prize, but if previous Google promotions are anything to go by, there might be a little something in it for the winner. Submit your photos before January 9th to get in on the action. Don’t have a little green friend? Don’t worry – you can make your own out of just about anything and they’ll accept it. If you’re scrapped for ideas, print out this papercraft Android and  go to town with some scissors.