As usual, Google has been busy working on its native Android apps, improving them with Android 5.0 Lollipop and Material Design elements in mind. Next to be updated is the Google Calendar app with more improvements and new features like viewing more events at a glance, pinch-to-zoom, 7-day week view, and adding of Google Drive files to events. There’s also a new calendar option to show week numbers in settings.

With the updated Google Calendar app, Google Drive integration is possible. Add files from your Google Drive to events easily if you want. Google Drive will check the privacy setting of the file as well. To be updated with your Google+ contacts’ birthdays, you need to control the setting to make sure they show up on your calendar.

For those who receive .ics files in Gmail and other apps, you can also import them to Google Calendar as needed. Also added were new Schedule View, Events from Gmail, and more ways to view calendar. With the Schedule View, you can see your schedule at a single glance complete with maps and photos of the place you are going. No need to search on Google for image because the app will show you exactly what you need to see.

If you’ve saved events on Gmail like a concert, hotel, flight, or restaurant reservations, these information can be added automatically to your calendar. And if you have more than one calendar on your phone like Exchange, Google Calendar can still work with them so you can see all your calendars right in one place.

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SOURCE: Google