Google has just introduced the next-gen Jump camera that will allow you to easily make virtual reality videos. The YI HALO VR Camera is the tech giant’s newest camera rig that may help usher the mobile consumers into the age of VR. You see, virtual reality has been around for some time now but it hasn’t really taken flight. However, more developers and more filmmakers are now venturing into this category but still with many different challenges. Hopefully, this YI Halo together with the Jump Start program will finally get more people to start creating VR content.

YI HALO was developed in partnership with YI Technology. Google teamed up witth the company to produce a new camera that will work with Jump Assembler. The camera system actually features a total of 17 4K unit cameras that can record immersive scenes with more flexibility, continuity, and easier control. It comes with a compatible YI HALO Android app so users can use the smartphone as a remote control, as well as, a live preview tool. The Jump Assembler then “stitches” the videos together using a reliable stitching algorithm.

The YI HALO will be out in summer. Expect to see more VR content available as some units are now with creators so they can get a headstart in video production. If you’re interested, you can join the Jump Start program to get access to a Jump camera and Jump Assembler. Filmmakers are welcome to appy for the program until May 22 only.

SOURCE: The Keyword