Well that didn’t take long. Google’s first dance as a phone store will soon come to an end. They announced today that the Nexus One will now be sold in retail stores instead of online. Many people did not like this move by Google and it’s been proven now that is was not a good choice.

Soon you will be able to walk into your local cell phone shop and get some hands on time with the Nexus One. Google will not close their online phone site, it will be transformed into a place that will display Android devices that are available. It will essentially be a place where you can go to window shop.

The low sales numbers of the Nexus One is surely the deciding factor for this move. Verizon and Sprint has bailed on the Nexus due to its slow sales. I know there are more than a few of you who thought this was a bad idea to begin with. Do you think this move will help sales of the Nexus One or is it too little too late for Google.

[via slashgear]