If you happen to be seeing any issues with Google services this morning, rest assured in knowing you are not the only one affected. Granted, that doesn’t necessarily make it all good, but the issue is more widespread than just yourself. In fact, a quick check of the Google Apps Status Dashboard is showing some service disruptions and also a service outage.

Most of the issues began at around 9:00 AM EST and Google has acknowledged and appears to be working to correct the issues. The outage is reported for the admin control panel / API and this one actually began a bit earlier, at around 8:20 AM EST. Since the initial outage report on the control panel, Google has updated only to say that the team is continuing to investigate the issue and that it is affecting a “significant subset of users.”

Shifting to the service disruptions and this includes Gmail as well as Drive, Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations. On these issues, with the exception of Drive, Google has said service has been restored for “some” users and that they “expect a resolution for all users in the near future.” Drive has yet to get an update since the initial outage report. Again, while the acknowledgement is nice to see, it doesn’t make it better when your account is affected.

Some of the issues, at least with Gmail, may have included connection issues. In this case your mail app may have been giving you password/connection error messages. And while the incoming mail (on my affected account) seems to be coming at the moment, the account as a whole still has plenty of issues. Anyone else having issues with their Google accounts this morning?

[via Apps Status]