A leaked photo of Verizon’s Current 3G Global Smartphones also includes their fourth quarter 2010 3G Global Smartphones, and it’s chock full of Android. Four Android smartphones, including the HTC Merge, DROID 2 Global, Motorola DROID Pro, and LG enV Pro seem as though they will be available and working in the United States as well as networks over the ocean soon. Soon, yes, soon the droids, which I love are always very visibly trademarked by Lucasfilm, will be encircling a Verizon near you.

If you’re wondering what all these phones are about, you’re in luck, we’ve got just such a description for you. If you’re interested in the HTC Merge, head on over to this sexy photoshoot. If you’ve got your eyeball on the DROID 2 Global, head right in to this Premature Outing. The Motorola DROID Pro we’ve got a really in-depth and sensual hands-on exploration for your pleasure. Finally, the LG enV Pro, we got nothin, just like everyone else. Feel free to shoot us a line about that one if ye be having such a secret set of stats.

[Via Android Central]