We all know it’s coming, we just don’t know exactly when. Android 2.3 has been the topic of the Android community for quite some time now, and with Google keeping quiet about its features and release date, we have all been left in the dark. However, according to Notion Ink, it looks like (as rumored) December 6th will be the day we have been waiting for.

Just as rumored, tomorrow marks Andy Rubin’s appearance at D: Dive Into Mobile where we have expected would be the time and place for the official Gingerbread reveal. And according to Notion Ink’s website we have even more backbone to this exciting rumor.

Their weekend special site reads:

6th December is another big day for Android and you will find out how fast Notion Ink can work. (Eden is extremely compatible with 2.3)

There you go, even further confirmation tomorrow will be the day we have been waiting for! We will be sure to keep you updated tomorrow through the exciting news!

[Via Notion Ink]