I’ll keep this short and sweet for those interested. We have these cute little Android mini collectibles that we use daily in our hands-on unbox videos as well as reviews (See photo below). Our man Chris Burns has plenty of them and you can see them in his Toshiba Thrive Review too. These Android Mini Collectibles are made by the guys at DZYPlastic also known as Dead Zebra, Inc.

Recently with our tablet giveaways as well as recent reviews we have received a lot of replies and comments regarding the android robot toys we use. So this is a reminder post to let everyone know where they come from, and how to get their own. Like I mentioned they come from DZYPlastic and here is the link.

They sell out extremely fast and for series two I was a few hours short and they were sold out that fast. So when they do appear you better hurry. Now you wont be able to get any of the previous series 1 and 2 unless you head to ebay, but they are releasing the newest lineup on August 1st. This time around they are special edition toys so the amount will probably be even more limited than before and will most likely sell out blazing fast. Whoever is first to the checkout button will be getting these bad boys first. For more details and pictures of what will be for sale on August 1st check out the source below.

[via Dead Zebra Inc]