While we at Android Community naturally root for the Android platform, whatever its incarnation, there is still something to be said about the simple things in life. And when it comes to the intersection of “simple” and “smartwatches”, perhaps no name resounds more than Pebble. The Pebble Time, in particular, is the startup’s latest attempt to leave a mark in the growing smartwatch market, bringing a touch of color to the e-ink display. And now that can be yours with a sweet 20% discount!

Although mostly overshadowed by the likes of the Apple Watch and Android Wear, Pebble was one of the pioneers of the nascent smartwatch industry. Even then, it set itself apart from its peers, most of which aimed for full colors and touch-based user controls. Pebble, in contrast, opted for longevity by utilizing an e-ink display and physical buttons. It also didn’t limit itself to Android or iOS but embraced both platforms equally as much as it can.

The Pebble Time, and the subsequent Pebble Time Round, added new life by adding color. That wasn’t its only trick either. The built-in microphone allowed users to speak out quick notes or replies to messages. It also enabled tracking of more activities, including the non-activity of sleep. All while still maintaining days of uptime before needing a recharge.

Compared to its market rivals, the Pebble Time is already quite affordable, with a $150 price tag. Deduct that 20% discount and you can get it at an even lower price of $119.99. The Pebble Time can connect to both Android 4 and iOS 8 or later devices but, of course, you’ll want to connect it to your Android smartphone anyway.

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