When a guy is the quiet type and yet gets the pretty girl, people would say he’s a ninja. That’s not common in this day and age but we believe there is some truth to it. We’re just not sure if that’s what the Gentleman Ninja is all about but the hero is one funny and unique character. Gentleman Ninja is a new arcade game that lets you enjoy endless ninja action. Your goal is to finish off the enemies while removing things that come your way. Game is set in high speed so you will need to be agile and skilful.

Choose the ninja you want to use and unlock more Ninjas that actually look more entertaining than fearful. Show the world that you are ready for all spiffy ninja action and rise up the global leaderboards because really, the game is that easy. The challenge is to beat the enemies, kill them, or chop them off in half (ugh, too morbid).

Gentleman Ninja can transform into other ninjas. You can be a police ninja or a viking ninja or just about any other kind of ninja out there. Prepare to unlock new ninjas and destroy those locked gates to get through.

Download Gentleman Ninja from the Google Play Store