The smart home is still trying to find its way, with everything from the dishwasher to the thermostat getting some attention. Even smart light switches are available, should you be so inclined. For many, the front door is not something used daily, as we pull into the garage and go in the side entrance. Garage door remotes can also be finicky and run low of battery power at the oddest (and sometimes most inconvenient) times.

Garageio is changing that, and bringing a really smart utility for the home. With Garageio, you can use an app on your phone to open or close the garage via your home WiFi network. There is also a box that works in unisons to your current setup, so you don’t even have to re-work anything. Garagio is passive, opting to use a sensor and control receiver rather than hard-wire into your current garage door opener. Once installed, you simply download the app and activate Garageio on your home WiFi network.

You can also allow up to ten people access to your garage. All they’ll have to do is download the app, then have permission from you. While Garageio isn’t quite clear on just how access is granted, they do allow you to monitor your garage activity remotely, leading us to believe there could be some sort of account page.

For $150, Garageio could be the Roku of home automation; affordable, easy to use, and quickly ubiquitous. It takes the headache out of fumbling for the remote, or trying to let someone have access to your home. The Garageio is set to ship in December of this year, and is currently available for pre-order via their website.

VIA: Tech Spot