If you are a PC gamer of the wildly popular game World of Warcraft and you use an Android phone, you will be beside yourself with this announcement. WoW has been brought to Android in an unofficial and complex way.

WoW is running on a HTC Desire smartphone and the feat was accomplished using GameString. An important thing to point out is that this is an alpha version of the hack that allows the game to be played on an Android phone.

To get the game on the smartphone required some back end hardware and software. The needed gear includes GameString Adrenalin Host Server with Dual-mode delivery and with WoW installed, the HTC Desire smartphone, and a broadband web connection at 2Mbps upload and 2Mbps download. No matter how you pull it off there will be lots of Android gamers looking to get the same WoW action on their smartphones. Check out the demo here:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=width=”600px” height=”300px”zRwaPxBz2jk[/youtube]

[Via Android Life]