Gameloft continues is renewed push for conquering the mobile gaming market by putting out game after game after game. “Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics” has the makings of your quintessential mobile game – free to play, in-app purchases, and all the elements that go with it. It is a sequel to the original Blitz Brigade game, but it has very little in common with the original.

The original Blitz Brigade was a shooter, Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics – if you haven’t figured out from the title – is a simplified strategy game. Think Clash of Clans and you’ll be very close to what the game plays like. You battle opponents in real-time battles by putting units on the battlefield, and they go and attack whatever’s in range. Pretty simple, eh?

The mobile RTS part is that you build up your base, and then unlock new units for your army. The units show up randomly, and the strategy is really to time your attacks and unit drops on the battlefield correctly to defeat enemy forces and destroy the opposing base.

As per usual, there are bonuses in the game that can be unlocked after a looooong wait, which encourages you to buy them with premium in-game currency. The in-app purchases go as high as USD$100. Even with that, this game might just be the next addicting RTS everybody you know will be playing.

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