If you own the Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5 and have talked about it on social networks, some new studies have used that type of data to award the GS4 a top rating. A research and analyst ground called We Are Social is talking up the Samsung smartphone, while also claiming the iPhone 5 is most hated among its users. Pretty interesting report so read on below.

Research firm We Are Social uses social media, blogs, news, and other reports from around the interwebs to come up with their numbers, so this is obviously no where near official. Or even accurate to say the least. Using forum complaints or praise for a study isn’t too accurate, especially when more people take to forums when they have problems, than when they don’t.

However, the study goes on to mention that in general Samsung Galaxy S 4 owners are the most satisfied, were more excited about the launch, and overall just enjoy and love their phone more than other manufacturers as of late. Adding in numbers from Apple and the iPhone 5, Nokia, and even Blackberry. Yes, they are using random comments and complaints on the internet for their study.

Their study found that of all registered users talking about the Galaxy S4, only 11% were complaints or negative. Compare that to the iPhone 5 that they awarded “most hated handset” with nearly 20% being complaints and negative comments. That was higher than Blackberry, but then again, comparing the numbers Blackberry doesn’t have enough sales to even have users complaining.


They do go on to mention the iPhone has the highest brand loyalty, which isn’t anything new, but their study at least backs it up. Then when it came to raw numbers in terms of discussion about a device around the web, it was no competition. The iPhone 5 had 1.7 million while the Galaxy S 4 was only around the 140,000 mark. Even Blackberry beat Samsung with 300,000.

The numbers aren’t anything near conclusive, but it’s interesting to see just what types of numbers and outcome they gather all based on social media, blogs, and forums.

VIA: DailyMail ; Phandroid