This isn’t the first time we’ve talked Galaxy Note 8.0 pricing today, but now we’re hearing that Samsung’s rumored tablet might be priced at €391.99. That’s according to a listing spotted on Germany’s Staples Direct site. To give you an idea of how costly this tablet could be, €391.99 is right around $530, so the Galaxy Note 8.0 might be pretty expensive when it finally arrives.

That’s not even the most alarming part – earlier today, rumored prices for the Galaxy Note 8.0 ranged from €450 to €550 ($606-$742). That’s a lot of money to spend on a tablet, so hopefully some of these are just placeholders retailers have put in place of the actual price. Still, assuming the Galaxy Note 8.0 launches at the low end of this spectrum with a €391.99 price tag, that would put it a couple hundred dollars above the cheapest iPad mini, which comes in at $329.

It’s almost even with the Wi-Fi only 64GB iPad mini, which costs $529, while a pair of the mobile data iPad minis are more expensive than this rumored price for the Galaxy Note 8.0. Of course, at that price, the Galaxy Note 8.0 would be much more expensive than any Nexus 7 model, with the most expensive Nexus 7 only costing $299.99. We can’t imagine Samsung making many sales with that high price point, so hopefully the company doesn’t charge that much for its new slate.

Keep in mind that the Galaxy Note 8.0 hasn’t even been confirmed yet, so getting riled up over pricing at this point would be a little silly. Samsung is rumored to be debuting the Galaxy Note 8.0 at MWC 2013 next month in Barcelona. We’ll be there, so if the Galaxy Note 8.0 is announced, you’ll definitely hear about it. Stay tuned.

[via SamMobile]


  1. normally, the prices are the same in € and $. Nexus 4: 299/349€, Nexus 7: 199/249/299€… so this would probabaly be around 390$ which would be ok, right?
    Edit: would be the same price as Nexus 10 16GB

    • I agree. I’ve been banging this drum for ages – wish people in the US would realise that it’s not a simple currency conversion, but rather a lot closer to a 1:1 when it comes to tech prices.

  2. But leaked images have shown it with the phone app, so if it turns out to be a phablet then the price-points are pretty much in line with an unlocked Note2.

  3. Wasn’t there an article already stating that the versions that were leaked on that Austrian website were the versions that had 3G connectivity?

  4. Just to point out mostly the conversion goes so that they just change the $€ so its going to be somehere in the 390$ range. We in europe always get higher prices so don’t you yanks worry. It will be again us Europeans that have to pay almost twice as much. Like the nexus 4 its 620€ in Finland thats 3x as much as in the US

  5. If this one is 3G version(I think so because their page say “GT-N5100”),I think it’s affordable.
    But if this is wifi only,I think too expensive and nobody want to buy.
    I hope can buy this but it really depends on how much it will be.


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