When Samsung introduced the Always On display concept on the current flagships, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, users were able to save valuable time trying to unlock their devices just to get specific information. But with the arrival of the Galaxy Note 7, this feature has been vastly improved and now comes with even more quick access options as well as customization of certain aspects of it so that your display will really be your own.

The Screen Off Memo is a highly useful part of the Galaxy Note 7 experience. You don’t need to unlock or open the memo app. Just write on the screen in your Always On display and it will remain there for an hour. if you want it to be there more than an hour, just pin it to the display and then tap on the Memo icon later on if you want to view it. You also have the option of storing the memos in the Samsung Notes app directly from the Always On mode.


You also now get more Always On information aside from the time, date, and missed calls. You will now be able to look at your calendar and your schedule events and appointments. You can also get information from other apps, like what song is currently playing on your music app. You will also be able to act on the information you have with the Direct Access feature which allows you to react to a notification by double tapping on it. You will be able to reply to messages, edit your appointments, pause and play a song, etc.


You now have more personalization options like choosing the watchface, calendar formats, font styles and color, etc. You can also now use a photo from your gallery to make it as your Always On display background. And if you’re thinking this will all drain my battery, Samsung says it only consumes less than 1% of battery per hour, as the black pixels shut off during the Always On mode and they have been able to decrease the power consumption this time around.

SOURCE: Samsung