For those who have owned the older versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note line, probably one of your favorite things would be the Action Memo function, where you could write down numbers with your S Pen and immediately use them, take snippets of the screen, etc. Seeing the comments though that the latest phablet, the Galaxy Note 7 removed that caused some would-be buyers to be discouraged from upgrading. But now Samsung has said they will be bringing it back when the Notes app gets its update next month.

The Galaxy Note 7 has been garnering a lot of attention, because of features like the iris scanner, Always On Display, waterproof capabilities, etc. But it has also gotten its share of critics, and one of the things they didn’t like about it, as evidenced by the comments section in the Samsung Notes app in the Google Play Store, is that the Action Memo function was removed. Of course you could still do a lot of things with the S Pen, but a lot of people actually use the Note devices because of the convenient of said feature.

And so Samsung immediately responded and assured users that in the next update of the Notes app, version 1.2, they return of the Action Memo will be included. They confirmed this as a response in one of the comments on the app page, and said that users should expect it sometime next month, probably towards the end.

But you don’t have to wait until then to buy the Galaxy Note 7, if you’re so inclined. It has a lot of other great features and functions, aside from just the Action Memo, or lack thereof.

VIA: Android and Me