The Verizon branded Samsung Galaxy Nexus seems to have surfaced in a leak from a Best Buy flier. Best Buy terms the Galaxy Nexus as part of the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone line, and even calls it the “Samsung Nexus Prime”. It seems silly that Best Buy would leave out T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II and even the AT&T Skyrocket in the flier. Whether or not it will still be called the Galaxy Nexus by other carriers is still unknown.

Though we still don’t know when the phone will be available on other carriers, this evidence displays that “prices [are] good for all Best Buy mobile stores from 11/27/11 to 12/25/11”. This may mean that the Galaxy Nexus will be available and priced by the 27th, or just as reddit user ihaveagalaxyprobem (how fitting) said, “they (the fliers) could have been made before Verizon finalized a date”.

Either way, we now understand Best Buy and Verizon will be calling the device the Samsung Nexus Prime. The time it has taken for an actual Galaxy Nexus release date has been way too long. We are all together in this prolonged wait and I’m ready to buy mine now, how about you?

[via Reddit]