While the top US carriers are still battling it out as to who has the most subscribers, there are also other smaller wireless internet and mobile phone providers who are coming up with various promos and gimmicks to entice users away from the Big Four and onto their no contract stable. FreedomPop is one of those and now their latest product should appeal to WhatsApp users and those that like to travel abroad but hate the shocking roaming bills they accumulate.

The zero-rated WhatsApp SIM from FreedomPop is the first of its kind and is the first US carrier to offer this kind of feature. When you use this SIM, you get free WhatsApp service without it eating up your data allotment and also free data in more than 30 countries in Southeast Asia and Europe. You will also get 100 voice minutes and 200MB of data every month. If you need more, you can also upgrade to any of FreedomPop’s paid plans to get more data and minutes.

This SIM was actually previously launched in Spain just last month, and now it is US subscribers’ turn to experience what a zero-rated service is. The idea of zero-rating has actually come under scrutiny, like with T-Mobile’s Music Freedom and Binge On services. But FreedomPop says that they have complied with the FCC net neutrality ruling and is actually setting the stage for zero-rated models that will not violate the rulings.

The fact that messaging apps like WhatsApp are offering free texts and calls has actually changed the way we use our mobile services. Customers are looking for data only carriers, and so services like FreedomPop is sometimes more attractive to those who are more concerned with being online than making voice calls or texts.

SOURCE: FreedomPop