Amazon Alexa is getting smarter each day. It’s getting many new rivals recently so it has to work and improve on its many features and functions. Amazon’s very own personal assistant can be used not only with the Echo lineup but also with other devices that have already integrated the service. Actually, they are Amazon’s bestsellers this holiday season and we can expect more will be released and sold in the coming year.

Alexa isn’t perfect yet. We know it will never be but it will be more efficient as Amazon keeps on improving the service. A new update for Echo has been pushed recently that will allow the voice assistant to understand follow up questions. By that we mean those questions people ask right after a first inquiry.

This enhancement makes Alexa and Echo on par with the Google Assistant and Google Home. Google’s voice assistant understands follow-up questions so you don’t have to repeat some questions. Sample question is “Alexa, who is the ______?” then ask a follow-up like “How old is she?”. You don’t have to say “Alexa, how old is___?” for the second time.

There’s no official announcement from Amazon yet but some users have received the update on their Amazon Echo and Echo Dot already.

VIA: Reddit