If you’re in the mood for a little silliness, twitchiness, and adventure in space (well, from the comfort of your own home, that is), then you can try out this game from developers that know how to make it fun. Flop Rocket is a game from Butterscotch Shenanigans (the name itself kinda says it all huh?) and all you have to do is escape Spaceducks and cave rock-worms and make it through various time-space anomalies, all for keeping your space program afloat.

Flop Rocket is another one of those easy to learn but hard to master kind of games that we seem to be so fond of right now. You get to go on randomly generated missions so that each game you play seems to be different. There are four upgrade tracks that you can master and you collect power-ups and bonuses along the way to help you fly and not flop. If you upgrade to the premium version, you’ll get 8 more upgrade tracks, including the ability to build a gun, use your armor slots, etc. Plus, you get to play without any ads, so that’s a great incentive.

The developers actually have a whole network going with their BscotchID services which you’ll just need to make a one-time payment, and you’ll get access to all the games that they’ve created, including Quadrompus Rampage, as well as cloud services, and even a social gaming network where you can meet players from within your game and the other games in the network as well. The goal of the company (made up of three brothers) is to ” build a one-stop mobile empire that fulfills all your gaming dreams.”

You can download Flop Rocket for free from the Google Play Store. The premium upgrade, which will also bring you into the world of bscotchID is available in-app.