Do you feel like you need thermal camera in your life? Well, if you’re a scientist or an engineer, then probably you would say yes. Or if you’re just interested in seeing what the naked eye cannot and you have a spare couple of hundred dollars, then you can say yes too. Flir One has released the second generation of its thermal camera, and it’s of course better and more powerful than the previous one, turning your mobile camera into a powerful thermal imager.

In case you don’t know what a thermal camera does, it allows you the ability to see images even in the dark, see which areas have heat sources, compare the temperatures in one area from another, and even see through light and smog. Basically, it gives you the power to see what your ordinary, naked eye cannot, by giving this power to your smartphone through this accessory. The Flir One is linked to your Android smartphone physically through a micro-USB connector and digitally through the Flir One app that allows you to make the thermal camera extension even more useful for you.


The app has a simple and user-friendly interface that will help you collect and share the thermal images and videos that you’ve captured. It also gives you a temperature readout/spot meter, shows you how much battery is left on your thermal camera, and also serves as your automatic thermal shutter. It also gives you various color palettes, from iron to rainbow to coldest to hottest, as well as MSX blending.

Flir One 2nd gen will be available for Android devices starting this July. The MSRP for the device is $249.99. Roll-out to worldwide retailers also begins by July as well.

SOURCE: Flir One