The Flick Launcher is still unreleased officially but the app which was integrated with Google Now a few months ago is ready for another update. It now has Fast Finder integrations, a Search bar on dock, option to lock home screen, and the option to choose per app’s notification for the Pro version. Specifically, this is the version 0.3.0 Beta 300 which is now available to download from the Play Store.

The app also has the notification dots on folder fixed. There’s the standard bug fix and improvements so you should have less problems with this new app launcher that delivers Android Oreo to your mobile device. Perhaps one of the most important changes is the Fast Finder integration. This means you can set and launch an app with a gesture.

Meanwhile, the update on Fast Finder also fixes a number of issues like crash on start in Lollipop, search text not cleared, and flash screen issue on start. Adaptive icons have been added as well.

The Flick Launcher and Fast Finder integration lets you launch one app with a simple gesture. You need to download the two apps or download them separately so you can see and experience the changes and improvements.

Download Flick Launcher from the Google Play Store