We have no idea about the fate of the platform Flash but we know some websites and developers that are still using it. When it comes to smartphones, there’s also the Flash series that is more known among mobile photography enthusiasts. Meet the Flash Plus 2 that looks like any premium mobile device with metal case targeted for the high-end market. Actually, the phone is more mid- to high-end.

The new Flash Plus 2 is available in two color options: Luna Silver and Venus Gold. It boasts of Hi-Fi sound effect, fast battery charging tech, and fingerprint scanner. If you’re the type who’s not easily impressed with the dozens to the hundreds of Android phones being released everyday, you’ll find that this one is made with super quality in mind. Flash Plus 2 features a sand-blasted metal finish that looks pleasing to the eyes and even brings a convenient and safe group. Phone looks robust with the hard metal but still feels sleek with the ultralight rim diamond cutting.

Flash is known as an Internet smartphone brand. It’s just an early startup but it began with a mission to continue Flash and “stay connected with the young Internet consumers who enjoy sharing and pursue quality”. Flash 3C General Manager Albert Wong said that they will discover the needs of the users through continuous interaction. This way, they can make really quality products that are both fun and enjoyable by the young users especially.

Flash Plus 2 space gray

Other features of the Flash Plus 2 phone include a fingerprint scanner that allows personalized fingerprints to open certain apps, fast charging tech, 3000mAh battery, 13MP rear camera, facial enhancement function, 84.40 ultra broad view, Picture-in-Picture mode, and Child Mode that is expected to help the parents in capturing photos of their kids. When it comes to audio, Flash Plus 2 delivers high quality acoustics and sound for everyone to enjoy.

Phone runs Android Marshmallow and comes equipped with the following: 5.5-inch FHD multiple point touchscreen, Miravision 2.0 FHD display, and a Helio P10 processor. Still no word on pricing and availability but it should be ready soon.

SOURCE: Flash 3C