Now that Adobe has moved on from trying to bring its services to Apple’s iPhone/iPod Touch, they are focusing most of their efforts towards Android. A public demo (once again) of Flash 10.1 is expected to make an appearance at this year’s I/O with the program finally being released in June. We’ll see how this turns out in June.

We look forward to delivering Flash Player 10.1 for Android smartphones as a public preview at Google I/O in May, and then a general release in June. From that point on, an ever increasing number and variety of powerful, Flash-enabled devices will be arriving which we hope will provide a great landscape of choice.

Froyo is expected to come with Flash integration. So if Flash is released in June, it may come as a part of Froyo at that time. So all you Nexus One owners can rejoice, you will surely receive this update first. The Droid and others should follow.

[via adobe]